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Saturday, 2 May 2015

What a MesS.

just a quick update really,healthwise.People have asked me how I am these days,how I am coping after mums death,etc.Well,not too bad,but the MS is biting legs are so "heavy" it makes walking far impossible.i have to use a stick now,although I hate it.i have had several falls,and get very fed up.swallowing is still an issue,i still choke sometimes eating,although my speech therapist has helped me enormously.she taught me to sit up straight when eating,lol,to chew properly,smaller bites etc.all the things our mothers told us are true !I enjoy being a volunteer for our MS day centre,but I do get so tired,fatigues a killer,wipes me out after about 2pm most days.
 Also this damn anginas getting me worried,luckily I go into Hospital this coming Thursday for an angiogram.hopefully it will find out whats wrong.i had a scare just after Christmas,i had had a bad cough for ages,and was feeling very ill,then one night I was getting awful pain in my chest,and down my arms I was forced to ring 999.This was at the height of the winter season,and Accident and Emergency admissions were at their height that much so I got to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital at 9.30,and lay in the ambulance until 2.30am.(I had had an ECG and they were pretty sure I hadn't had a coronary,it was a chest infection.they thought.!)finally wheeled into A and E at 2.30,in a corridor,until at 7.30am,i finally was seen.over 10 hours wait.nurses all very apologetic,and I have to say when I was seen I was treated very quickly,soon on a massive dose of antibiotics and steroids.i was in nearly 2 days,and cardiology did tests,xrays,etc,but ever since the angina has been worse.possible a stent has moved,with all the coughing I was doing,who knows?since had a pneumonia injection in case I get any more infections.
 I don't go out too often,usually shop once  a week,go up my friends,etc.but last few days I haven't felt like doing that.I know I am lucky compared to so many with MS,and heart trouble,so I don't moan too much.just sometimes it gets to me.and now I am on my own,it's kind of know??
 Anyway,thats enough doom and gloom,just before I scare any new readers off for good,lol.
 Spring is coming fast,the trees and flowers are all looking lovely,winters grip has loosened,and warmer days are coming.i will post some pictures of the new place soon,no garden I am afraid,but I do have pots.some with alpines,a mini rockery,and some with summer flowers.Must have my flowers.i went up mums grave  Thursday and cut the grass with a battery strimmer.put flowers on.i miss her.I know I was finding it hard to care for her,i know she was getting more forgetful and vague.but I miss her.i have missed YOU all.only just realising how much I have missed having a blog.more soon,take care all,Mort xx

Friday, 1 May 2015


Apologies to Star Wars fans for the title,but it is apt.Chapter 1 of my blog Caring and sharing was meant to be about my caring for my mum,my fight to get a carers assessment and help in caring for her,and her decline in health. Then Chapter 2 came along,my fight with MS,the heart attack,my health problems.I was still caring,still sharing.then the sad day I STOPPED being a carer,being a son,I lost mum.Sad,although she was 92,it still hurt.And even before her death I was posting less and less,as so many of us do.i have been looking at blogs I used to follow,so many gone,some passed away,a lot,like me,stopped.So THIS IS CHAPTER 3.A NEW BEGINNING,A NEW HOME,A NEW LIFE.I hope you will come along with me for the ride.those of you who have been with me on Caring and Sharing,i hope you like the new Me,and YES the capitals in the title ARE deliberate.MortS New home,there will be news about my MS,and I hope to be including any new developments in the treatment of this nasty disease,also though,i have a new home.not just this blog,which does look kind of bare at the moment,but a new home on my own.I am not going to promise I shall post often,regular,or even that I will be witty,funny, not a lot of change really,lol.enough for now,i shall always,Take care all,Mort