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Saturday, 2 May 2015

What a MesS.

just a quick update really,healthwise.People have asked me how I am these days,how I am coping after mums death,etc.Well,not too bad,but the MS is biting legs are so "heavy" it makes walking far impossible.i have to use a stick now,although I hate it.i have had several falls,and get very fed up.swallowing is still an issue,i still choke sometimes eating,although my speech therapist has helped me enormously.she taught me to sit up straight when eating,lol,to chew properly,smaller bites etc.all the things our mothers told us are true !I enjoy being a volunteer for our MS day centre,but I do get so tired,fatigues a killer,wipes me out after about 2pm most days.
 Also this damn anginas getting me worried,luckily I go into Hospital this coming Thursday for an angiogram.hopefully it will find out whats wrong.i had a scare just after Christmas,i had had a bad cough for ages,and was feeling very ill,then one night I was getting awful pain in my chest,and down my arms I was forced to ring 999.This was at the height of the winter season,and Accident and Emergency admissions were at their height that much so I got to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital at 9.30,and lay in the ambulance until 2.30am.(I had had an ECG and they were pretty sure I hadn't had a coronary,it was a chest infection.they thought.!)finally wheeled into A and E at 2.30,in a corridor,until at 7.30am,i finally was seen.over 10 hours wait.nurses all very apologetic,and I have to say when I was seen I was treated very quickly,soon on a massive dose of antibiotics and steroids.i was in nearly 2 days,and cardiology did tests,xrays,etc,but ever since the angina has been worse.possible a stent has moved,with all the coughing I was doing,who knows?since had a pneumonia injection in case I get any more infections.
 I don't go out too often,usually shop once  a week,go up my friends,etc.but last few days I haven't felt like doing that.I know I am lucky compared to so many with MS,and heart trouble,so I don't moan too much.just sometimes it gets to me.and now I am on my own,it's kind of know??
 Anyway,thats enough doom and gloom,just before I scare any new readers off for good,lol.
 Spring is coming fast,the trees and flowers are all looking lovely,winters grip has loosened,and warmer days are coming.i will post some pictures of the new place soon,no garden I am afraid,but I do have pots.some with alpines,a mini rockery,and some with summer flowers.Must have my flowers.i went up mums grave  Thursday and cut the grass with a battery strimmer.put flowers on.i miss her.I know I was finding it hard to care for her,i know she was getting more forgetful and vague.but I miss her.i have missed YOU all.only just realising how much I have missed having a blog.more soon,take care all,Mort xx


  1. I heard all about the crisis in the hospitals where people were left on trolleys ,Its different when you hear it from someone you know , I aplaud your patience ,when it happened to you ,many people would be moaning about it ,I do hope they are able to give you some positive help on Thursday Jan xx

  2. I have only just found your blog Mort.I am sorry you have been so ill.How awful you had such a long wait to be settled in a ward at the hospital.The procedure at ours is,they have four hours to check you over and then it's back home or a bed in a ward.Usually there are some.I try to refrain from having to go there at all.It is a struggle many times with this COPD ,it's a nightmare,but I hate the hospital and try to stay home as long as I can.It is understandable how much you miss your Mum.I do hope since reading this you have picked up somewhat,prayers you have and will stay that way,maybe now the nicer weather is here.Thought it's still very cold here up in Yorkshire with that flipping wind.It never stops A little like me when I have had Baked Beans haaaaaaaa.So Goodnight and God Bless Mort.Take Care .Kath xxx

  3. Sorry I haven't been by sooner, Mort. Health issues, but not nearly as bad as what you have to deal with on an every day basis. I am so sorry. I know how hard it is to be ill and alone. It overwhelms you sometimes, especially in the middle of the night, when you feel like you're dying from pain, can't breathe, etc. You have such a lot on your plate and are always so upbeat and encouraging to everybody. I know it isn't easy; that you always hurt. How could you not? Just know you are in my heart, my thoughts and always in my prayers. I hope as time passes you adjust a bit easier without your Mum. Though to be honest I think we always miss our loved ones. I was 3 months pregnant with Johnny's and my only child when my mother died. It was the worst day of my life. I miss her still, and my Johnny too.
    It saddened me to read of how long you had to wait to be taken care of. Take care, dear Mort. I will be back to check in with you. Love you much.

  4. 'ello Mort...I've managed to get into your blog to comment now. I'm sorry you've had a difficult time with the hospital. It is like that here too at our hospital 'The Queens' in Romford, Essex. I've always found if you keep calm and patient and try and let the world go by so to speak with these long waits at hospitlas its not half as bad even though it can be a pain really. I have had waited for hours to be admitted to a ward over the years (when Mararet Thatcher was in office) I had a severe Asthma Attack at the time and it was hard to deal with because nothing was working what the Drs gave me and I had to just ride out the situation I was in plus waiting for a bed. And, then I had to bed share which was at the time day patients had the bed and I sat in an arm chair and could only go back to bed once the other patien had gone home. That was such a difficult time. Sometimes I wish I could afford private health care because the NHS is getting worse these days. I haven't been admitted to hospital for years now, since the new hospital has been built anyway 'The Queens' as an in-patient I mean, I have never been to 'The Queens' as an in-patient. You take care of yourself Mort. xxx